Signs That Your Knee Pain Needs a Doctor

knee pain doctor

Dealing with knee pain is not fun for anyone. It can interfere with your day, and hinder your ability to engage in the activities you love the most. But, despite having serious symptoms of a knee problem, many people just wait too long before seeking treatment. A person may have been dealing with little aches and pains here and there, and then eventually got to the point where pain was unmanageable. The sooner you seek care for a knee issue, the better.

If you aren’t sure whether your knee problem constitutes a visit to the knee doctor, here are signs that you should consider making an appointment as soon as possible:

The Joint Appears Deformed
Compare your knees next to each other. If the affected knee looks abnormally shaped compared to the healthy one, you may have a patella injury, dislocated knee cap, and a fracture.

You Have Trouble Walking
Knee pain that becomes so bothersome that you limp or try to avoid walking, should be attended to promptly by a reliable knee doctor immediately. Pain of this severity may indicate a degenerative issue or bone injury. 

Your Knee is Weak
Does your knee give out frequently when standing, walking, etc.? If your affected knee is unable to hold your weight, then it’s time to seek help. Knee weakness is a symptom of a variety of possible knee conditions, all which necessitate medical treatment. 

You Have Loss of Sensation

Numerous knee issues can cause pain, however, a lack of feeling can mean a serious problem is going on. If your knee pain doesn’t increase when you press on it, then it’s time to get medical care promptly. 

There are many more reasons to see a doctor for knee pain. To learn more about how a knee pain doctor can help you combate knee pain, call a clinic near you, such as Premier Osteoarthritis Center of Pennsylvania