What if a demolition company is responsible for my car accident and injury?

It is crucial to hire an experienced company for home demolition services in LA in order to avoid accidents and issues.If you suffered a serious injury while driving past a demolition zone, you may be eligible for compensation from the negligent party. In the scenario of a demolition company that acted negligently and causing harm to someone as a result, that victim may have grounds for filing a claim against the company. Absent the company offering a fair settlement to the victim, the victim’s best interests might then be served by hiring an attorney and suing the demolition company. However, there must be reasonable proof that it is indeed the demolition company that is responsible for the victim’s damages.

What is considered reasonable proof in order to show liability?

This could look any number of ways, depending on how the accident happened and the nature of the victim’s injuries. In hiring a personal injury lawyer, the victim can rely on their legal counsel to build their claim on their behalf. The claim should include extensive documentation about the injury itself as well as the evidence collected by the law firm. The law firm may opt to hire a forensic accident investigator to help establish the circumstances of the accident and confirm who is responsible for the accident and resulting injuries. Here are several ways in which liability may be determined:

  • Eyewitnesses may have seen debris coming from the demolition site strike the victim.
  • Video footage from eyewitnesses or municipal traffic cameras, still photos from eyewitnesses, dash cam footage from the victim’s vehicle or surrounding vehicles—any of this might provide a real-time visual of how the victim’s car accident occurred.
  • An employee of the demolition company or construction crew may have witnessed what happened and comes forward with what they saw.
  • The victim’s physician diagnoses that their injury was likely caused on impact with debris striking the vehicle, or else with a hard surface (such as the dashboard or windshield) when attempting to avoid a collision with the debris.

What amount of compensation can I expect to get for my car accident injury?

This will depend on the nature and severity of the injury. If proof of the demolition company’s liability is established, they must compensate you for any damages related to their negligence. That may include damages to your vehicle, the medical treatment you have so far received, future medical treatment, medications, healthcare devices such as wheelchair rental, a walker, etc. If you are unable to work during your recovery, then they may be held responsible for paying you the earnings you normally would have received as your regular income. If you have experienced pain and suffering as a result of your injury, those are also compensable damages. It’s best to sit down and discuss your circumstances with a personal injury lawyer to learn if you have grounds for a claim, and what that claim may be worth.

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