Is It Okay To Get a Second Orthodontist’s Opinion?

Is It Okay To Get a Second Orthodontist’s Opinion?

Is It Okay To Get a Second Orthodontist’s Opinion?

Getting braces is a big commitment. It affects what food you eat, your smile, and, if you play wind or brass instruments, you have to adapt to the appliances in your mouth. You trust that the time, money, and inconvenience you endure are worth it and you will come away with a beautiful smile. How do you really know if the treatment plan presented by your orthodontist is the best one, using the most current advances in orthodontia, at a price comparable to other offices?

A competent orthodontist will thoroughly evaluate your case and design a treatment plan that will most effectively end with a healthy, attractive smile. How the doctor comes to the decision concerning treatment may differ at different orthodontic practices. That being said, should you get a second opinion before saying yes to at least a two-year relationship with an orthodontist?

Here are a few reasons for obtaining a second opinion for orthodontic care:

You Aren’t Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

Just like when you are looking at possible homes to purchase, sometimes when you walk into a house, you just know in your gut this is not a good fit. The same holds true for doctors, in this case, your orthodontist. You will likely have to go the rest of your life with the results of your orthodontic treatment. If you sense something is off, even if you’re not sure what it is, listen to your gut. You need to have confidence in your doctor and the plan. If you are hesitant or just don’t feel something is right about a doctor, it is okay to get a second opinion.

Unfriendly Office Staff

You will become a ‘regular’ at the office once you start treatment. Most patients and staff know each other on a first name basis the minute you walk in the door. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, the staff is understanding and cooperative. No one wants to sit in an office month after month with staff that is rude or inconsiderate.

Outdated Office

If the office decor is outdated, the general perception may be that the doctor is also not up-to-date with the latest technologies and treatments. Magazines dated back to the 90s and orange Formica counters may be a good clue.

Uncertain about Treatment Plan

If you have concerns about the treatment plan and diagnosis presented to you, voice your opinion. If the orthodontist does not take your concerns seriously or dismisses them, you probably need to get a second opinion. You need to fully understand and be on board with your treatment before proceeding and you need to find an orthodontist that satisfactorily answers your questions and concerns before beginning.

It is important to choose an orthodontist that thoroughly lays out your diagnosis and treatment plan, using the lastest technology in a friendly, unthreatening environment. Consider contacting an orthodontist near you, such as an Orthodontist from John Redman Orthodontics, to see how they can help.