How Men With Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) Can Regain Their Self-Confidence

Hair Restoration

By the age of fifty, most men will notice some signs of male pattern baldness (MBP). In fact, male pattern baldness is one of the most common types of hair loss for men. Hair loss is a part of life and aging, and no one should feel ashamed about it. Those with hair loss do usually experience decreased self-esteem, and wonder if there is anything they can do to prevent it from worsening. 

Thankfully, there are proven treatments that can help the effects of male pattern baldness. But first, let’s talk more about what this condition is and why it happens. 

  • Male pattern baldness happens when scalp hairs go from thick to thinner and shorter terminals.
  • The thinning occurs because hair spends less time in the anagen (growth) phase, and more time in telogen or resting phase.
  • Hair loss for men is most often seen at the front hairline and crown of head.
  • MBP should not be confused with alopecia, which is a rare condition. 
  • MBP is caused by genetics, so someone who’s father has hair loss is more likely to have it run in their family. 
  • Other contributing factors besides genetics include thyroid disease, adverse effects of treatments (like chemotherapy), and poor diet due to deficiencies.

The recommended treatment options for MPB vary based on the individual, but in most cases at least one of these approaches will be helpful:

  • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)
  • Medications such as dutasteride and finasteride
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma
  • Care shampoos and conditioners
  • Dietary changes

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a procedure that entails removing small units of naturally growing hair and depositing them in areas that have hair loss. Other medical procedures and medications have shown success, such as dutasteride, finasteride, and platelet-rich plasma treatment. As a temporary measure, some people may consider camouflaging the area with extensions or hairpieces. But, keep in mind that camouflages can cause further damage and make hair loss worse if not used correctly.

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