4 Instances When Seeing a Counselor May Be Beneficial


There are many scenarios that could trigger the need to seek counseling. A trained and certified counselor is equipped to help clients move through some of the most difficult chapters of their lives. Counseling can provide the participants with the tools they need to solve current problems as well as into the future when other difficult situations arise.

The therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates are compassionate and knowledgeable mental health professionals who offer individual as well as family and couples counseling. As explained by an experienced Mclean VA therapist, a counseling team should include therapists who specialize in various areas so that no matter what challenges you’re facing, will be able to match you with someone who can help you. 

Below are four instances in which many persons have benefited from the services offered by a trained therapist.

1.    You are suffering from depression. Severe depression can affect all areas of a person’s life, and the lives of their loved ones. Depression can also negatively impact the immune system and this can leave the person vulnerable to developing serious health conditions. For many persons, depression may lead to self-harm, including suicide. Drug and alcohol addiction are often by-product behavior associated with depression. A counselor can help you turn this downward spiral around and reverse course to maintain a positive direction. By focusing on the causes and triggers of your depression, effective solutions can be identified and a strategy developed for helping you regain peace of mind.

2.    You suffer from a form of mental illness. Whether it’s anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or another type of mental illness, you are very likely experiencing significant distress. Even those who recognize that they are suffering from a serious mental illness do not always seek professional help for their condition. This is unfortunate as a trained clinical therapist can teach the individual self-care tools to recognize triggers and take proactive measures to improve their quality of life. Should the individual need prescription medications to treat their condition, the therapist can provide the appropriate referrals.

3.    You are experiencing financial difficulties. Most Americans are but one paycheck away from being unable to meet all of their financial obligations. There are many possible reasons for why a person may find themselves behind in their bills. The Covid-19 shutdown has created significant challenges for Americans all across the country because they have been prevented from going to work. Regardless of why someone may have financial troubles, the resulting stress can lead to serious medical conditions, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, and other issues.

4.    You are having suicidal thoughts. Whether these thoughts are in passing, or you have made detailed plans for ending your life, a therapist can help you. For many people, suicide seems to be their only option when they feel overwhelmed by one or more issues they are facing in their life. A therapist can help them see the light at the end of the tunnel and to tackle each issue with insight and an objective but caring approach.

A therapist can work with you to find clear strategies for growth and change. If you feel that you would benefit from therapy in any way, consider scheduling an appointment for a session today.