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Can Yoga Slow Down the Signs of Aging?

There’s only one thing that can slow the dreaded signs of aging; staying young. That means being healthy and slowing the aging process itself. It’s obvious. If you eat processed foods the body gets gunked up and can’t function. If you never exercise the body gets stuck and crooked and painful.  Aging happens, but without conscious effort it shows. Eat well, food is fuel, make it nourishing. That’s a huge key to staying young. In the exercise department, try Yoga.


If Yoga had a job description it would be “helping you stay young and healthy”. I’m not exaggerating. Yoga is all about feeling as good as you can because you are healthy. This is not new to people who practice Yoga, in fact they’re all nodding their heads when they read this because what I’m telling you is exactly why they practice. It’s kind of an astounding non-secret we all have – Yoga slows the aging process and makes you feel great.

The most popular part of Yoga is practicing the Yoga poses, or postures. When you start to really look into these, it’s easy to see how doing these various physical movements can make you healthier. There are many Yoga poses, and when taken together they effectively stretch and strengthen the entire body.

That’s obviously very good for the muscles and joints. Yoga makes tight muscles lengthen and loose muscles strengthen. It brings elasticity and stability to the body, increasing range of movement and balancing postural habits. Yoga keeps the body feeling, moving, and looking younger.

Staying Young Means Getting Healthier

Now take a moment to consider how these various Yoga postures effect the physiology, the inside of the body. Here’s a no brainer – Yoga boosts the circulatory system. That means that moving around in these poses helps pump the blood from the heart to the tissues, and vice versa. That’s good, and directly supports health. The same basic thing is happening to all of the body’s internal systems. As you bend, twist, turn, and extend, the organs like the liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. are all getting cleansed.

Ever stayed up late and woken up to swollen, dark circles under your eyes? That comes from sluggish organs and shows how the health of your physiology controls how young or old your face looks. Amazingly, the right Yoga poses can clear those dark circles because of the way they encourage bloodflow and refresh the system.

Science confirms Yoga’s life-giving boons with great regularity these days. One study shows that people who do Yoga have lower IL-6. Stress and Aging have been shown to increase IL-6 (Cytokine Interleukin) which directly relates to inflammation. Inflammation is linked to many diseases like heart disease, stroke and arthritis. People who practice Yoga have lower IL-6 levels, which means less inflammation (

Less inflammation means healthier, healthier means feeling better and feeling better means looking better. Go to the root of the issue. Improve your health with Yoga to feel and look better.


Yoga is a high-leverage investment if you want to look and feel your best. Learn how to practice correctly, that’s very important because if you know what you are doing you can get a lot of benefits out of very little practice. Why? Because those funny looking Yoga moves are actually super health tonics, inside and out.

Christian Leeby has taught Yoga for over 20 years. Visit him at

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