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Urinary tract infection during pregnancy: Complications

Untreated urinary tract infection  (UTI) during pregnancy can lead to serious health risk for both child and mother. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, UTI during pregnancy seems result in greater risk of getting kidney infections. Those pregnant women who suspected have the infection during her pregnancy should immediately contact her doctor to get a proper diagnose and treatment.

Some of doctors suggest the pregnant women to follow regular urine testing to check the signs of pathogen presence and to avoid the infection itself. In some pregnant mothers who get the infection, the kidney infection may lead to kidney scarring. In the long-run, this kidney scarring can lead to renal hypertension and kidney failure.

Since pregnant women experience hormonal changes and seem these hormones can cause some changes in urinary tract, it can lead the pregnant women to the infections. Along the pregnancy period and as the uterus grows it push down the bladder and can prevent complete emptying of urine. This remain urine on the bladder will increase the risk of getting urinary tract infection during pregnancy.

Urinary tract infection during pregnancy: the effects to the babyThose pregnant women who also have other disease that related to immune system suppression such as HIV, or those with debilitating disease such sickle cell anemia or cancer usually more prone to the infection since they have problem in their immune system. Pregnant women who take immune suppressant drug should also be careful since they are more prone to any infection, including this infection and its complications.

Urinary tract infection during pregnancy: the effects to the baby

Untreated urinary tract infection may affect to the baby by having asymptomatic bacteriuria that associated with low birth weight and preterm birth. Untreated bacteriuria may also lead to kidney infection development and high blood pressure for the mother and the fetus. Please note that well treated condition will not cause harm to the baby and mother.

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