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The truth about fat burning cream

You may read fat burning cream infomercials that offer amazing effect to reduce instantly your adipose tissue below your skin. Before you are planning to grab one of those products, do a little research and make sure to know about how it work. Some of the commercials tantalize us about how to remove some of adipose tissue through regularly rubbing the fat burning cream at the morning and night. Another infomercials show impressive result including testimonials, visual evidence and statistics.

Do those fat burning creams really work?

Most of the products contain caffeine as one of its active ingredients. Beside caffeine, lecithin, essential oils, and vitamin E may also be added to the cream. According to, lecithin binds to caffeine and attacks the fat cells. But some experts not pretty sure that the active ingredients of the fat burning cream can reach the bottom of skin layers whereas the fat cells available.

Do those fat burning creams really work

Most of the cream product can only moisturize the skin and make the skin to temporary look like to have fewer cellulite marks. Some of the products may also contain additives such as camphor or menthol which directly can cause warm or tingling sensation and sometime skin redness. This sensation come as a result of nerve cell locate in subdermal part of the skin when it exposed to the active ingredients in the cream. Another effect of those active ingredients is blood rushes to the affected area making the skin glow and tighten.

Things you need to know about reducing your fat

When you are planning to remove some pounds of your body fat, one thing that you need to know that cutting your fat without any negative side effects is not as simple as rubbing a fat burning cream. It involves more complex mental and physical activities. Start from your eating way. To maintain healthy body, regular and proper exercises, healthy and balance diet, healthy lifestyle, and avoiding prolonged stress in the keys to gain happy and ideal body weight.

If you thing that you are in obesity and you need to cut pounds of your body weight, I would recommend you to meet a certified dietitian or health practitioner to ask them about what should you do in order to trim your body shape. Following expert advices will help you to avoid unhealthy or even life-threatening weight loss program. When you planning to join a diet program or buy a weight loss product, do a fair research about the products and don’t easily believes to its commercials.

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