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Top 5 belly fat shredder foods

Combining regular exercise, healthy living habits, and belly fat shredder foods is a perfect combination for healthy and effective ways to trim your body weight. According to WebMD, trimming tour belly fat is not about fat phobia, it’s about being happy and healthy. So how much you should cut away the fat is depend to you. When you are planning to remove the fat from your parts of your body including belly area, we would recommend you to do the process under expert monitoring.

Don’t be afraid to have extra fat, as long as in moderate level, our body needs fat to run various critical process such as maintaining body temperature, promoting normal cell functions, protecting body organs against shock, and it also play role as energy storage. The problem start to rise when there is too much fat. Experts reveal the connection between excessive fat and the risk of getting heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia, type-2 diabetes, and certain cancers, the higher the fat the higher the risks.

Recommended foods that fight your belly fat

1. Legumes, beans and nuts. Legume and beans are protein rich foods. It also low calorie and loaded with dietary fiber, and vitamin. Besides beans and legumes, tree nuts such as almonds are also good as belly fat shredder foods. It promotes optimum muscle building and reduces cravings. Almonds also help us to stay away from high blood pressure, heart disease, wrinkles, certain cancer, and obesity.

Recommended foods that cut your belly fat

2. Green vegetables. Including to these green vegetables are spinach, lettuces, and chard. These vegetables, according to MSN Fitbie, help to fight free radicals, obesity, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

3. Oatmeal. Including to this group is bulgur and brown rice. It loaded with dietary fiber that keeps your insulin level stay low. Regular consuming oatmeal, bulgur, and brown rice also may help shrink fat cells. It also makes your stomach full longer. On the opposite, cut your refine carb products consumption including rice and white bread.

4. Avocados. According to Mayo Clinic, avocados rich in mono-saturated fat, a good fat that can regulate blood sugar spikes. Experts recommend avocados along colorful fruits and vegetables. They said that avocados help your body to adsorb carotenoid, a natural substance with cancer-fighting property. According to a study result from the Ohio State University, those people who ate salads with avocado had 15 times better in carotenoids absorption.

5. Green tea and citrus. Green tea and citrus have been used for many years as a part of foods that fight your belly fat. Three cups of tea per day may boost your metabolism and cut 30 calories. A research from Arizona State University, suggest us to eat fresh fruits such as oranges since it can zap up to 30 percent extra fat during your regular exercise.

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