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The Right Approach to Weight Management


Many of us may have tried all ways to lose weight. We are never short of choices when it comes to slimming methodologies. The bottom line is : which of these methodologies produce SUSTAINABLE results ? i.e. in simple terms, no rebound upon stopping the routine.

A holistic program

When shopping for a good weight loss program, look out for one that adopts a multi-faceted approach.

1. Reduces body fat by increasing fat and sugar metabolism and inhibiting fat storage

2. Reduces visceral fat

3. Increases muscle mass

4. Controls stress and carbohydrate cravings

5. Boosts thermogenesis

Your last diet plan

There should be no hunger else maintenance would be a challenge once you stopped the plan. Eat a balanced 3-3-3-3 diet daily, comprising of 3 palm size of fruits, 3 palm size of vegetables, 3 fist size of protein and 3 half fist size of carbohydrates. Take 3 proper meals daily, each time starting with fruits, vegetables, protein and finally carbohydrates. It is normal to feel hungry in the first couple of weeks into this diet. Simply take some fruits or salad as snacks in between meals when hungry.


The rules

1. Drink lots of water. Here is how to calculate the amount of water you need:

Weight                 (kg) x 2ml x 24 hrs + 500ml =                   ml per day

Eg, a 80 kg man has to drink:

80 (kg) x 2 ml x 24 hrs +500ml = 4340ml per day

2. Exercise regularly. If you hardly exercise, a daily brisk walking of 30 mins would do good. Increase to 45 mins per session after 3 weeks. There is no necessity to engage in strenuous exercises. You may increase intensity of your workout according to your fitness level.

3. NEVER ever skip breakfast. Eat a proper breakfast within 30 mins of waking up. Suggested menu for breakfast :

  • 3-5 hard boiled egg whites – 1 protein
  • 1 x wholemeal bread with sides cut out (women -1, men -2)
  • 1 x apple/ guava/ pear / fresh fruit
  • 2 x carrots or lettuce or tomatoes

4. Avoid fried food. Choose steamed or poached food.

5. Minimize cream-based dressings and seasonings.

6. Take SUPPLEMENTS diligently.

The Supplements

This is the  most important part of the program. In a phased approach, complement your diet with natural ingredients-based health supplements. has a safe and proven weight management program that has helped many individuals fight their obesity problems since its launch in Southeast Asia in 2007. It is a 3-month diet plan that reduces body fat, increases muscle mass and reduces visceral fat. No rebound is expected as one’s metabolic rate is also increased. Leave us your contact to find out more about the one and only kind of diet plan that requires no hunger nor starvation. Most importantly – this would be your last diet program.


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