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4 Simple tips to avoid knee pain after running

tips to avoid knee pain after running

Knee pain after running commonly related to patellofemoral knee pain. In this condition, the knee cap moves to far after running. Sometimes this knee pain also related with tilting or rotating of the knee cap too. Usually the pain may not appear after the running activity, this because the development of the inflammation getting worse […]

6 Total knee surgery types

6 Total knee surgery types

Total knee surgery is one of advance treatments for acute knee arthritis. In the United States, predicted by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, there will be 450,000 total knee arthroplasty procedures by the year 2030. Those numbers have great increasing compared to the year 1996 which 245,000 procedure were held. This procedure is considered […]

Top common causes of knee pain in women

Knee pain in women

Knee pain in women is more common than in men. Expert suspect that it causes by women’s body design itself. Naturally women have wider hips compare to men and women’s thighbones tend to curve inward from the hip to the knee make it slightly knock-kneed. This body structure make the knee join receive more stress […]