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4 Simple tips to avoid knee pain after running

tips to avoid knee pain after running

Knee pain after running commonly related to patellofemoral knee pain. In this condition, the knee cap moves to far after running. Sometimes this knee pain also related with tilting or rotating of the knee cap too. Usually the pain may not appear after the running activity, this because the development of the inflammation getting worse […]

Heel pain in children: What causes and how to treat

What causes heel pain in children

Heel pain in children commonly affect to young athletes with ages between 9 and 14. Expert said that young male athletes are more prone to this heel pain. Yes, it could happen to female young athletes but it rarer compared to male. This heel pain has been reported to appear in many young soccer players […]

Viral meningitis symptoms in babies and teenagers

Viral meningitis symptoms for teenagers

Viral meningitis symptoms commonly start to develop three to seven days after the first time infection of enteroviruses or other viruses that cause viral meningitis. In several cases the symptoms start to develop less than three days. This viral meningitis is an inflammation at meninges area caused by viral infection. Besides of viral caused, meningitis […]