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Sunlight may cut stroke risk

An interesting study result about the connection between sunny skies and stroke risk recently presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2012. Base on the study, people who live in places with sunlight abundance may have lower stroke risk compared to people who live in less sunlight places. According to WebMD, this finding is the first connection between sunlight and stroke risk ever revealed.

A researcher team member, Leslie McClure, said that previous study about the correlation between stroke and cognitive impairment has published, meanwhile other study tell us eating more vitamin-D rich foods may help us to cut stroke and memory lost risk. Since there is a strong connection between sunlight and vitamin D, the researchers said that between sunlight and stroke risk also have correlation.

“Previous research has shown a strong relationship between cognitive impairment and stroke. So it made sense to look at the relationship between sunlight and stroke,” said McClure, the PhD, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Sunlight vs stroke risk: Study method

Sunlight vs. stroke risk: Study method

In the study researchers compared the development of the stroke in 16,000 volunteer which consist of men and women who lives in different geographical places and different racial. The study takes five year. During the study period, the scientists measure and record the sunlight exposure at the places where the volunteer live.

At the end of the study, they found that the greater the sun exposure, the lower the stroke risk. They found that volunteers who live at the places with less than average exposure were 60% more prone to the stroke risk.

About the study result, the scientist admits that they aren’t sure enough about what happen in biological level. Even though they know that sun light has connection with the development of vitamin D and base on the previous study, vitamin D has connected to blood vessel and hearth health. They said that further studies are needed to reveal the truth about the connection between sun light and stroke risk.

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