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Spinal meningitis contagious? Find out the best answer here

Spinal meningitis is classified as a dangerous disease, if it not treated well it can causes severe symptoms that lead to death. Since the disease is caused by infection, many people ask whether spinal meningitis contagious? Well before we find out the answer, let’s talk about the disease it self first.

Meningitis is an inflammation at the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord caused by infection. The infection itself can cause by viral, bacterial and fungal infection. Someone with the disease will experience several meningitis symptoms such as head ache that commonly accompanied with high grade fever and vomiting, stiff neck, confusion, sleepiness, and seizure. The signs may develop in just several hours to several days.

Back to the question is the spinal meningitis contagious, and the answer is yes the disease is contagious. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) classified the viral and bacteria that caused spinal meningitis as a contagious group.

Spinal meningitis contagious? how it spread?

Some of bacterial meningitis mostly spread from person to another trough the exchange of body fluid such as throat and respiratory secretions. Kissing, coughing, and sneezing can become exit ways of the bacteria to spread and infect the others. This bacterium is not spread by the air or casual contact with sufferer. In several cases, meningitis that caused by Neisseria meningitidis or meningococcal meningitis have spread to other people who close and live for long period of time such as children in daycare center or someone in the same household with the patient.

Is spinal meningitis contagious? how it can spread?

Just like the bacteria, viral meningitis is also contagious. Commonly the viral is more prevalent in specific period in early fall and late summer. Compared to bacterial caused meningitis, the illness caused by the viral is classified as a mild illness and commonly infect young adults and children. The viral can be spread by direct contact with the body fluid including the stools of the patients.

So if someone asks you, is spinal meningitis contagious? The answer is clear now. The most important thing is contact your doctor soon once you and your beloved one has experience the symptoms of spinal meningitis.

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