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Severe dandruff treatment: Tips and info

Severe dandruff treatment is specialized to extreme dandruff condition. For most people, dandruff is only related to self-esteem and personal problem. Men or women who have dandruff may feel unconfident in his/her appearance because of these white flakes on the shoulder creating dirty image.

Basically, dandruff is natural process and does not causing baldness or hair loss. The process that occurs on your scalp produces small to medium visible white shredding of the skin. The white flakes are not organism, it just part of dead skin cell.

This scalp problem can happen to any person with any gender and any age. Mostly it affects to teenager after puberty period, and it can happen to dry or oily scalp. The main cause of the condition is still unclear, recent study suggest that it may caused by a microorganism called Malassezia Furfur, this thing grouped as a fungus similar to yeast. Once the microorganism infects your scalp it may lead to severe condition and may need severe dandruff treatment to deal with the white flakes.

Severe dandruff treatment in detail

Once the severe condition which called as seborrheic dermatitis occurs, it may invade to the eyebrow, face, chest, armpits, and ear region. Someone who experiences the condition should seek the doctor to get professional advice to overcome the condition. The doctor may recommend shampoos that containing selenium sulfide, ketoconazole or zinc pyrithione while other shampoo may contain also coal tar, salicylic acid and sulfur. There are many shampoos that contain active substance as stated above in local dispensary. Try to compare the effectiveness and to find which one is best suitable for you.

Severe dandruff treatment in detail

It’s important to apply the shampoo regularly. Some of shampoo advised to use by daily base while the other may enough to use twice a week. Message the shampoo onto the scalp and let the shampoo on yours head for 2-3 minutes before you flush it away.

If the problem persists after shampooing for couple week, the doctor will took the severe dandruff treatment into the next level, by prescribed cortisone lotion. Apply and rub the lotion onto your scalp once to twice a day. Let it for a night long for best result and you will be need a shower cap to do this way.

Other advance treatment for dandruff is immunomodulators. This oral prescribed drug may be use to manage the seborrheic dermatitis. These types of drug have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory as well. The side effect of this severe dandruff treatment may appear in prolong use by caused bad effect to human immune system so it must be use under expert supervision.

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