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Salt free diet tips for healthier lifestyle

Salt free diet is strongly recommended for those who have hypertension. This diet can normalize the sodium level in the blood. High level of sodium is correlated with high blood pressure and it can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, current adult American should limit their sodium intake no more than 2,300 mg sodium per day.

Naturally, our body only needs 368 mg of sodium each day. For your comparison, one teaspoon of salt table contains about 2,000 mg sodium. Excess sodium in the bloodstream causes high blood pressure, this high blood pressure often called as the ‘silent killer’ since it has no symptoms. So it’s important to check your blood pressure regularly. For prolong precaution, stick to a salt free diet plan will help you to avoid the negative effect of high sodium level.

When someone try to follow salt free diet, it’s not mean that he or she should focus on sodium only. Expert said that potassium level in the blood is also essential. Sodium works together with potassium in regulating water balance in patient body. Some of studies reveal that normal balanced level for both sodium and potassium lead to lover blood pressure.

Easy salt free diet plan tips

1. Be aware of sodium from canned products such as canned broth, and canned tuna. Frozen foods also may contain high level of sodium. Processed meats such as bacon, ham, pepperoni, salami and hot dog are one thing you should be aware.

2. Focus on no salt products, always read food label to make sure about sodium content. Be careful with bouilion cube. It’s highly loaded with sodium. When you choose salad dressing, make sure to choose products which low or no sodium on it. As alternative, you may create your non-sodium salad dressing. Use lemon, vinegar, and oil to add flavor on them.

Easy salt free diet plan tips

3. Avoid mono sodium glutamate and choose unsalted butter. Be aware with low fat labeled products since it commonly high in sodium.

Other simple tips

Reduce table salt gradually from your daily diet menu. Let your taste bud familiar with low sodium foods. Start to learn how to use other flavor such as lemons, fresh herbs, garlic, wine, marinades and vinegar to enrich food flavor without salt. For better and balanced salt free diet, talk to a certified dietitian to gets a pro advice. For optimal health result, combine the diet with proper and regular exercise and adequate fluid intake.

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