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Natural Home Remedies for Gray Hair

Effects of aging genes
Hair grow in successive stages so at a given time some of the hair strands will be in growing phase while others will be in resting phase. The root of the hair contains numerous follicles; these follicles are color cells which constantly produce melanin (Color pigment) that keeps the hair black. Melanin is of two types; one is eumelanin and other is pheomelanin. It is the balance between these two types which decide the color of the hair.


Causes of Gray Hair

Natural Cause: In old age, the balance between these pigment producing cells gets disturbed which gives gray color to the hair.
Genetic Cause: Genetic factor may play an important role in graying of hair. The strongest example of hereditary basis of gray hair is different hair color in different ethnic groups. Moreover, if parents are having gray hair then subsequent generations are more predisposed to have graying of hair.
Medical cause: Stress is one of the associated problems with the graying of hair. The reason behind is that in stress, the skin around the hair follicles tighten up and does not get ample nutrients. This result is unhealthful hairs that lose their color and turn gray. Werner Syndrome, vitiligo and albinism are some other known medical conditions.
Dietary cause: Scientists have proved that malnutrition results in a lack of supply of enough nutrients to the hair follicle leading to decreased production of melanin. Deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B-12 is another reason of gray hair.

Natural Home Remedies for Gray Hair
The most common natural home remedy for gray hair is to apply henna paste to gray hair. Henna paste works as a natural dye and can give tinted hair for months. The other used natural remedy is to rub down the scalp 1-2 times a week with Indian gooseberry oil mixed with coconut oil. These remedies decelerate premature graying and coat up the present gray hair. Other commonly used home remedies include curry leaves and amaranth vegetable.

General Cure for Gray Hair
1. Diet: Premature graying of hair can be prohibited by decreasing the intake of unnecessary diuretics like tea or coffee. Protein rich foodstuff and those loaded with minerals like iron and zinc help in maintaining good colored hair. Vitamins A and B also help in preventing early graying of the hair. Green vegetables, fresh fruits, and other types of diet are vital for well colored hair. Further food appendages can also help to improve the dietary deficit. Soothing activity and breathing exercises can help to decrease early graying.
2. Home Hair Dyes: As there is a good availability of ready to apply hair dyes in the market, gray hair is not a problem anymore. These dyes can turn all gray hair into black in just half an hour. These are easy to apply and can be applied with a wide toothed brush. They can be equally applied to beard and scalp hairs.
3. Gray hair has no adverse effects on the body but these can be a side effect of many drugs and other chemicals. have health supplements made from botanical ingredients that would be able to stop and reverse the growth of gray hair by tackling the natural and genetic causes. The safety of the supplement is endorsed by the strictest authorities in the world. People have seen results within 3 months of usage. Do leave your contacts below for a non-obligatory free consultation.

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