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Pre colonoscopy diet suggestions

A doctor uses colonoscopy procedure to inspect the inside part of colon and rectum of the patient. This procedure commonly is use to diagnose several symptoms related to digestive track problems such as blood in stool, abdominal pain, bowel habits, bleeding from anus and unknown weight loss. Colonoscopy can identify inflamed colon wall, ulcers and colorectal cancer. Before the procedure, doctor will suggest the patient to do pre colonoscopy diet.

The diet often suggested seven to four days before the procedure. The main purpose of the diet is to keep patient’s colon empty and clean so make it easy to observe using special micro camera on the tip of flexible tube. During the procedure, the flexible tube will insert into the rectum to observe the entire part of the colon.

Things should to consider in pre colonoscopy diet

1. Seven to four days before the procedure, doctor will suggest the patient to focus on bland and lighter foods. High fiber diet also totally restrict along pre colonoscopy diet. Foods such as cheese, eggs, skinless potatoes, white bread, and skinless boiled chicken commonly recommended prior to colonoscopy procedure. Meanwhile foods which are loaded with fiber such as rice, vegetables, fruits and nuts are completely should be avoided.

Things should to consider in pre colonoscopy diet

2. It is essential to keep body’s fluid level before the procedure. According to, it strongly advised to drink lot of fluid especially water. Clear liquid besides water such as clear sodas, tea and coffee without creamer are allowed as long as in moderation. Non-fat broth is also good along the diet. Doctor will forbid the patient from drink purple, red or orange fluid such as wine and orange juice since the color from the beverages may confuse the exam result.

3. Avoid alcohol beverages such as beer or wine during pre colonoscopy diet. Several sources said that alcohol from the beverages may interact with sedative which administered during the procedure. The sedative to relax patient along colonoscopy procedure may still remain for at least 24 hours after the procedure. It suggested to wait at least for a full day after the procedure before enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

4. To completely emptying the patient’s colon, often doctor may use laxative before the procedure. Laxative will flush out all the things which may obstruct the colon observation process. Doctor also will ask the patient to stop taking ibuprofen, aspirin, and blood-thinning drugs several days before pre colonoscopy diet.

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