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The potential side effects of low carb diet

The potential side effects of low carb diet have been become a controversy among the experts. The diet is claimed can reduce significant weight loss by following high protein and low carbohydrates diet plan. The dieters are allowed to consume fats in moderate amount and carbohydrate for no more than 40 grams per day. This low carb diet rely on theory that when reducing carbohydrates intake, the body will switch the fuel from carbohydrates to fats, a condition called as ketosis state. This allow in reducing fats which is store in the body, lead to weigh loss.

Low carbohydrates diet in detail

Those who follow the diet will get energy not from carbohydrates break down but from fat breakdown. Person in ketosis utilize a little carbon fragments come from fat breakdown called ketones. People who in ketosis may feel less hungry and it can suppress the appetite to decrease meal intake. In cellular level, the diet interfere how insulin works.

In normal condition, when someone eats high simple carbohydrates foods, it causes blood sugar spiking. To normalize the condition, body release insulin to convert the sugar into glycogen, latter this glycogen stored in the muscle and liver. Once these stores are full, then insulin will convert the sugar into fat. The dieters believe if our body makes “excessive” insulin to deal with excessive carbohydrate intake, this condition may lead to metabolic disorder and early stage of diabetes.

What are the side effects of low carb diet?

What are the side effects of low carb diet

1. Since the diet restricts most of fruits and vegetables from its menu, the dieter may consume foods with lack of dietary fiber. This low dietary fiber directly related to constipation. The dieters also strongly advised to consume vitamins and minerals since they reduce fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

2. Other side effects of low carb diet are bad breath (halitosis) and nausea. Multiple metabolic reactions including ketosis may result in those side effects.

3. Dizziness and headaches may be appears in people with low carb diet since they restrict carbohydrates in large amount. Dizziness mostly starts to develop in the early few days of the diet. In this period, the body may shock with extreme restriction of carbohydrates intake.

4. Ketones are one of main side effect of the diet. These ketones may result in danger situation for people with liver, gout, or kidney disease.


Many experts believe that low carb diet plan isn’t dedicated for long term weight loss management. It may lead to the negative side effects of low carb diet such as unbalance nutrients, kidney and liver damage, and bad breath. Seek professional advice from a doctor or certified dietitians before decide to following the diet. They will help deciding best diet plan for you base on your personal nutrients and calories requirement.

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