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Natural cure ideas for chronic bronchitis

Dietary changes for chronic bronchitis managementBesides medical base treatment, natural cures for chronic bronchitis may become an alternative to cope the symptoms. This natural treatment may also as a complement to the regular cure as long as it allowed by your doctor. Talk to them about this natural treatment for detail tips and better results.

According to the American Lung Association website, bronchitis refers to a medical condition that characterized by the presence of inflammation which affect to the lining of airways or bronchial tubes. This inflammation causes swollen on the bronchial tubes resulting less air is able to flow through the airways. This health problem classify into two main conditions: acute and chronic.

Those people who get an acute bronchitis commonly get better after a week or two. The main signs of this condition are including cold symptoms. Different from the acute one, the chronic bronchitis categorized as a serious health problem. Those who get this condition marked with a persistent-productive-cough for three months of a year for two years in a row. Commonly the cough comes alone without other underlying disease or condition to explain the cough.

Chronic bronchitis treatment

The treatments for chronic bronchitis focus on relieving symptoms, prevent complications, and slow the disease development. There are common treatments for this health problem including steroids, bronchodilator medications, vaccines, oxygen therapy, surgery, antibiotics, and pulmonary rehabilitation. Those medical treatments will be chosen base on patient condition.

Steroids medication often comes within aerosol spray that taken orally. This medication can help to relieve the inflammation and tame the symptoms of chronic bronchitis. Another inhaled aerosol spray treatment for this severe bronchitis is bronchodilator medications. The main purpose of this treatment is to relaxing and opening the airways in the lungs. Antibiotics are given if there is bacterial infection presence.

Dietary changes for chronic bronchitis management

Consuming a healthy diet is one of natural ways to build a healthy body and at the same time it helps to overcoming the symptoms. Below are some diet tips to relieve this severe respiratory problem.

1. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables help to develop your immune system and fully functional body systems. Those fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that allow your body to heal itself against the illness.

2. Cut the consumption of dairy products. According to, some of milk products may trigger excessive mucus production. Reducing dairy product from your menu list will allow the natural treatment to be more effective.

3. Stop smoking. Experts agree that the most common cause of chronic bronchitis is smoking. The cigarette smoke which enters the bronchial tubes will irritate the cell lining the airways. In the long run, this cigarette smoke is causing severe inflammation on the airways of the lungs.


  1. Amanda says:

    Go to GNC and get clear lungs. It isn’t very expensive and it is homeopathic. It works like a champ!! My brother in law had pneumonia for over 4 mo and took this stuff in 48 hrs he was cleared out.

  2. Miss Carin says:

    That’s right! We should stop smoking immediately when we are suffering from Bronchitis. I also know that oxygen therapy is great for sufferers of this illness, or other respiratory problems. I recently wrote a review of an oxygen therapy product, and I hope it can help others decide whether to get such a product.

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