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How to use mineral oil for constipation

mineral oil for constipationAccording to the American Cancer Society website, mineral oil for constipation may become an effective way to treat this gastrointestinal problem. Mineral oil coats the lining of the intestinal surface reduce water absorption into the body and promote to soften the stool. So in the nut shell, this mineral oil plays as lubricant to eases passage of the stool by stimulates peristalsis movement or the forward movement of the intestines.

Mineral oil or also known as liquid petroleum, liquid paraffin, or white oil, is an odorless, clear, colorless petroleum derivative. The chemical structure of the oil is similar to petroleum jelly and it has been used for various purposes such as cosmetic additive or treating constipation. If you need this petroleum derivative oil, it can easily get on pharmacy without any prescription.

The dosage of mineral oil for constipation

Talk to a certified health practitioner about the dose. How much you need to use the oil is depend on it purposes, your age, and medical condition. Expert also recommend to drink adequate water meanwhile you take the oil especially for constipation treatment. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water per day. You can add recommended amount of the oil into your daily diet such as juice, tea, and other food or you can also direct swallow the oil.

Warnings: Mineral oil side effects

According to, consuming mineral oil for constipation in a long term may invite some of drawbacks. Blue Shield of California warns that the oil may be interfered the absorption of certain nutrients and vitamins including vitamin A, D, E, and F. Other side effect of prolonged use of the oil is irritation around the rectum. A pregnant woman better to avoid mineral oil as well as those women who are breast feed.

Some people with hypersensitive to the oil may show an allergic reaction once they exposed to the oil. If you thing that you are experience allergic reaction that triggered by mineral oil, meet a health practitioner to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Children especially newborns are also should not be given this mineral oil to treat their constipation.

Excessive use of mineral oil may lead to certain side effects such as stomach cramps and diarrhea. Experts warn to not to use the oil to people suffering from vomiting and abdominal pain. Taking this petroleum oil in long term may create minor to mayor health problems.

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