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Microscopic colitis diet for beginner

Microscopic colitis diet is dedicated to reduce the negative symptoms of the two forms of microscopic colitis which are lymphocytic colitis and collagenous colitis. This diet is one of long term treatment to alleviate the signs of the disease. Often the disease disappear by itself over the time, but sometimes it stay longer and cause discomfort by creating aggravate colitis symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding and sometimes unknown weight loss.

The term of microscopic colitis refers to inflammation condition on colon wall. This inflammation is only visible using microscope examination. As stated above, base on its appearance, experts grouped the disease into two types:  Collagenous colitis which is identified by the presence of an additional layer of collagen just below the lining, meanwhile the other type, lymphocytic colitis which is identified by the presence of accumulation of white blood cells within the colon wall.

The main goal of microscopic colitis diet is to managing the symptoms by regulating what foods should be to avoid and what foods are recommended for the sufferer. This procedure is totally logic since the problems is affect to digestive track which strongly related to digestive function. The diet will focus on avoiding the foods that can flare up the symptoms and recommending the foods that can tame the microscopic colitis symptoms.

Microscopic colitis diet ideas

Stay away from foods that can irritate the bowel is one of advices on microscopic colitis diet. Including to these foods are caffeine and alcohol. Foods containing high fat also should be avoided. Fat is relatively hard to digest and may flare up the symptoms such as abdominal pain.

Microscopic colitis diet ideas

Since people with the disease may experience diarrhea, in advance stage this diarrhea may turn into dangerous condition. Drink plenty of water is the simple ways to avoid from the negative effect of diarrhea. Water is the best source of the fluid that needed by our body. Avoid beverages with high sugar content.

Consume small but frequent foods is better than eat a large meal in a time. Choose only soft and easy-to-digest foods. Someone may choose bananas, applesauce and rice as parts of their microscopic colitis diet menu. Stay away from high-fiber foods such as vegetables, bean and nut. You may consume those of food as long as in moderation and no symptoms appear after the meal.

If you have microscopic colitis, don’t hesitate to talk with dietitian experts as a part of symptom management. Discuss with them about what best foods for you. And remember, whenever you feel that the symptoms are getting serious then talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

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