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Knee surgery recovery – Tips for faster recovery

Knee surgery recovery is vital to regain your knee ability to perform main job of this part of the body. After the surgery your knee will totally out of order for several times. At this time knee movement should be minimize and patient should follow what doctor said for faster recovery. Someone with knee surgery will be delivered to the recovery room just right after the surgery to monitor its vital body function for several hours.

Once the patient awake from anesthesia effect, they will taken to hospital room for further recovery. The patient will encourage to deep breath and cough frequently to avoid lung congestion. Pain on the knee may feel at this stage, and doctor will prescribe drugs including pain killer and antibiotics. Patient still remain at hospital for couple days depending on patient recovery time.

How long patient’s knee surgery recovery, it depend on patient overall health condition and the type of surgery it self. Small incisions involve surgery such as arthoplasty or re-constructive knee surgery has faster recovery time compared to total replacement knee surgery since the arthoplasty involved minimum incisions.

Someone who get total replacement knee surgery takes a long time and stretches over a year to recover and the knee is fully function. During knee surgery recovery time patients are recommended to undergo physiotherapy exercise for faster recovery. Continue monitoring and examination by the doctor is also needed along this recovery time.

Knee surgery recovery tips

Knee surgery recovery tips

1. Right after the surgery is a critical period for the patient. If something goes wrong such as excessive bleeding, call the doctor or caregiver soon. Also at this period, the patients leg needs a raise for quick recovery.

2. Do regular knee exercise once it recommended by the doctor. A physical therapist will be regularly meets the patient to help the exercise. Following this routine exercise leads to quick knee recovery. They will show the patient about proper exercise movements.

3. Apply an ice pack to the knee one it needed and always consult it to the doctor before do it.

4. Patient will encourage to leaves the bed and trying to start baby walks using walker, after several days. This exercise will also monitored by physical therapist. The entire knee surgery recovery may vary from patient to patient, generally it takes six weeks to three months depend on the type of surgery.

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