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Knee replacement surgery recovery tips you should know

Knee replacement surgery recovery is necessary after the surgery process. Someone who experience the knee surgery, they will remain in the hospital for couple days and it’s depend on how fast it recovery. Patients may fell some pain on the knee that will be managed with pain killer. Doctor may also prescribe some of specific antibiotics to avoid the infection on surgery wound. To avoid lung congestion after surgery, patients should cough frequently and take breath deeply to keep your lungs clear.

Usually this knee replacement surgery is dedicated to relieving pain and to restore the function in knee joint problems caused by the diseases. During the surgery process, the damage bone and cartilage will removed from the kneecap, thighbone, and shinbone and next the removed area will be replaced by artificial joint or with a prosthesis that made of high-grade plastic or polymers and alloys.

Knee replacement surgery recovery tips

Knee replacement surgery recovery tips

1. After several days from the surgery, commonly the patients will encourage to move gently their ankle and foot in order to maintain and increase the blood flow on the feet. This simple move will prevent blood clots and swelling.

2. A physical therapist will monitor the patient condition about they knee condition. The therapist may encourage the patients to use a continuous passive movement machine that help the patient knee to moves slowly while the patients still on their bed.

3. The doctor commonly prescribes some of medicine such as antibiotics and pain killer. Commit with the drug consumption schedule will help the patients to recover faster.

4. Try to totally rest and avoid to extreme movement of parts of the body. If your knee is bleeding call the doctor to get proper treatments.

5. During the first month after the surgery, for better knee replacement surgery recovery, patients need to take utmost care. An icepack can be use to reduce the pain and swell as long as not wet the wound area.

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