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Ischemic colitis diet ideas

The main goal of ischemic colitis diet is to manage the symptoms of ischemic colitis disorder. Since the disorder is affect to digestive organ which is large intestine or colon, it become reasonable that managing the diet will directly related to the circumstance. Someone with the disorder better to knows which foods are good for the intestine and which aren’t. Always talk with a certified dietitian to adjust the menu list before consume those foods.

Before we dig deeper about ischemic colitis diet, let’s take a look at the disorder itself. Ischemic colitis is a medical term which refers to an inflammation condition of large intestine or colon. This condition start to develop when the blood flow into the organ is reduces. Generally the disorder is classified as a non-lethal but aggravates condition. Someone who experiences this condition may feel abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stool, vomiting and nausea. In advance stage this ischemic colitis can cause colon damage that needs a surgery procedure.

This ischemic colitis diet doesn’t ease the cause of the disorder directly. It works by giving a chance to the colon to process proper foods without negative side effects that may flare up the ischemic colitis symptoms. In fact many of the sufferers are heal over the time without specific medical treatment. Below are tips about how to managing daily diet to tame the signs of ischemic colitis disorder.

Ischemic colitis diet tips

1. Foods that easily digestible such as bananas, tofu and porridge are suggested for people with ischemic colitis disorder. Besides of its texture, those foods are also loaded with potassium, protein, vitamin C and dietary fiber which are very important to body recovery.

Ischemic colitis diet tips

2. Small but frequents meal rather that one time big meal. This small meal will keep someone gets enough calories and minimize abdominal pain. Avoid foods with highly rich in fiber and fat. Those foods make the colon work harder and may flare up the symptoms

3. Since diarrhea commonly accompanied the disorder, insufficient fluid intake may lead to dehydration. Make sure to get adequate fluid intake and the best fluid to human body is water. Avoid beverages with soda, caffeine as they may cause abdominal bloating and trigger the diarrhea.

4. In several people, foods that rich in lactose could be a big trouble since it may cause digestive problem such as diarrhea, gas, and cramps. So those foods should be removed from the ischemic colitis diet list. Talk to your doctor to make sure that you are save to consume those foods. Including to these foods are dairy milk products, curds, and whey.


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