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Intestinal bacteria real role in human body

Recently, Bacteria in the gut have been associated with digestive function only. But the latest research reveals that these bacteria may control the functions of the human body more than expected. In a research published in the journal Nature, scientists found a link between gut bacteria with multiple sclerosis disease in mice. The study also found that intestinal bacteria related with obesity, depression, and various other health problems.

“The number and types of different bacteria that found in human body is having relation with obesity. The bacteria are much less in people who are obese compared with healthy people,” said Rob Knight from the University of Colorado.

The researchers also identify the differences between bacteria and the obesity in mice. The microbes that found in obese mice intestines, it absorb more calories from food than normal weight mice. Surprisingly, removal of intestinal microbes from obese mice into other mice caused the mice are initially normal-weight into eating more.

“As we all know there are more microbes in the cell body than in brain cells. Perhaps these bacteria in the gut influences the choice of food ordered in restaurants,” said Knight.

Intestinal bacteria and obesity

When bacteria in the intestines of mice can instruct the brain to eat more, if there are other effects on the brain? The researchers said it might be.

“We are now beginning to examine is there any direct link between the intestinal bacterial community behavior,” he said.

In an experiment revealed that rats have no intestinal bacteria showed differences in the way they move and experiencing anxiety. Mice treated with probiotic bacteria Lactobasilus also showed different gene expression in the brain so that the levels of stress hormones and their anxiety are reduced.

Another influence of intestinal bacteria was also found in diseases that seem unrelated to the digestive system, diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). Those who grew up in an environment free of bacteria show no symptoms. Once exposed to intestinal bacteria, disease symptoms appeared.

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