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How to beat bedbugs?

Recently experts warn us about the threat of bedbugs. They said about why bedbugs back at annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene is Philadelphia. Those tiny creatures had made a noise in the summer of 2010 and seem they still stay waiting the right timing to get back with a vengeance.

Bedbugs are classified as a part of insect family and considered not spread disease but it bite and munch human blood. Several persons who have allergy with bedbugs bites can trigger allergic reaction such as itching, redness or welts. The reaction may vary even in several persons bedbugs bit cause no reaction.

How to beat bedbugs

Experts suggest us simple ways to deal with the bedbugs. Since the insect feel comfort and thrive in dark and moist places such as movie theaters, make sure that you don’t bring the bug into your house after visiting the movie theatre is a simple way to avoid bedbugs bite. Always place all of your clothes in the dryer at high heat for 30 minutes will avoid you from the tiny creature. This simple method also can be used to kids’ belongings after they come from dorm as preventive measure if the dorm has been infested.

Here’s another tip: “Remove the headboard if it is not too heavy and look behind it. Bedbugs don’t like to be disturbed by housekeeping when they make the bed or change the sheets.” Expert said. That is why they may congregate behind or under headboards, where they are less likely to be disturbed.

Source: WebMD

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