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Archive of entries posted on January 2012

Back of knee pain: The 3 common causes

Back of knee pain causes

Knee is a vital organ for human, almost of any movements that related to moving the body involves the knee. Daily activities such as running, jumping, walking, and climbing stairs are the examples of the knee related activities. Any injury on back ligament of the knee will result in back of knee pain. The severe […]

Understanding laparoscopic knee surgery

Laparoscopic knee surgery recovery

Laparoscopic knee surgery starts to develop over half a century ago and still become a choice until now. This type of surgery procedure considered as a minimal invasive surgical technique that involving small incision on the knee. This minimum incision lead to faster recovery and sometime lower surgery cost. Using a miniature camera the surgeon […]

Best yeast infection home remedy for women

Yeast infection home remedy recipes

Yeast infection home remedy is one of alternative natural yeast infection treatments for someone with mild to moderate condition. Compared to medicated treatment this natural home remedies is believed have several benefits such as it commonly more mild with few or no side effects, since it involves natural ingredients around us, it can be obtained […]

Top 3 acne scarring treatments


Acne scarring treatments has been evolves to various technique with minimal side effects. Yearly of study and research lead to the finding treatment option to ease the acne scars on your face. Chemical peels, dermabrasion, and surgery are popular treatment to erase acne scars. Other rising technique in this field is laser treatment. Several types […]

Vaginal yeast infection at a glance

How to avoid yeast infection in women

Vaginal yeast infection is common, almost 75% of all women are likely to have at least 1 time of this type of infection in their lifetime and 45% of all women have 2 or more. This infection can affect to any body including men. This ailment is caused by Candida albican fungus and not related […]