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Archive of entries posted on December 2011

Viral meningitis symptoms in babies and teenagers

Viral meningitis symptoms for teenagers

Viral meningitis symptoms commonly start to develop three to seven days after the first time infection of enteroviruses or other viruses that cause viral meningitis. In several cases the symptoms start to develop less than three days. This viral meningitis is an inflammation at meninges area caused by viral infection. Besides of viral caused, meningitis […]

Knee surgery recovery – Tips for faster recovery

Knee surgery recovery tips

Knee surgery recovery is vital to regain your knee ability to perform main job of this part of the body. After the surgery your knee will totally out of order for several times. At this time knee movement should be minimize and patient should follow what doctor said for faster recovery. Someone with knee surgery […]

Edheads virtual knee surgery game features

Edheads virtual knee surgery features

Edheads virtual knee surgery is one of free program on the net that can be use for leaning or practicing purpose at one time. For you who have not any medical background but you have interest in orthopedics then this edheads knee surgery game could be a good choice. This user friendly software is suitable […]

5 Natural dandruff treatments with magical effect

natural dandruff treatments secret

Since natural dandruff treatments offer inexpensive and less in side effect, the natural dandruff remedies has been chosen by many people to overcome their dandruff problem. Commonly natural dandruff treatment focused to manage the causes of dandruff such as yeast-like fungus malassezia, excessive oil production on scalp, and over dry scalp. The natural treatment engaging […]

Beard dandruff at a glance

beard dandruff info

Basically beard dandruff is same with common dandruff on human scalp. It also comes with same causes the only differentiation is the location affected. Since only men who have beard then this case only affects to the men. To overcome the condition is quietly same, medicated shampoo commonly recommended by dermatologist. For someone who experiences […]