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Archive of entries posted on November 2011

How menopause and anxiety could be related

Anxiety and menopause in detail

Menopause and anxiety obviously have correlation. Menopause is a condition when a woman is not gets their menstrual cycle for 12 consecutive months and it common to occur at women with an average age of late 40’s to the early 50’s. Menopause strongly related to the specific hormonal levels, it creates hormonal imbalance and causing […]

Top common causes of knee pain in women

Knee pain in women

Knee pain in women is more common than in men. Expert suspect that it causes by women’s body design itself. Naturally women have wider hips compare to men and women’s thighbones tend to curve inward from the hip to the knee make it slightly knock-kneed. This body structure make the knee join receive more stress […]

Posterior knee pain symptoms and causes

posterior knee pain causes

Posterior knee pain or pain in the back area of the knee could affect to any body including you. This knee pain is not only specific to athletes, but a regular person with regular activities may also experience this type of knee pain. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) the condition may caused […]

Homemade dandruff treatment in detail

Homemade dandruff treatment in detail

Homemade dandruff treatment should be one of your considerations to get rid of dandruff. Yes you could use medicated shampoos but for me, I rather to do something save and natural base to treat the white flakes first before I go with that medicated shampoos. Why? First of all natural dandruff treatments are no side […]

6 Common causes of knee pain in children

Knee pain in children

Knee pain in children start for many reasons and it could develop in every child in their growth time. The condition appears for several reasons including disease and non disease causes. The joint itself consist of at leas three elements, cartilage, bones and ligaments. If a problem affect to one or more of the three […]