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How a colonoscopy prep diet plan works?

Colonoscopy prep diet is essential to promote a successful procedure. It determines whether the procedure is resulting an informative and clear result or unconvinced and blurry images which can lead to unclear diagnoses. This is why your doctor strongly recommends to following the diet strictly. Your care giver will serve and monitor what you eat and drink before the procedure.

Before we talk further about colonoscopy prep diet, let’s take a deep look at the procedure itself. Colonoscopy is a medical procedure dedicated to observe the inside wall lining of patient’s large intestine including colon and rectum using a small and flexible tube with micro camera on its tip named colonoscope. This procedure is common to diagnose colon polyps, ulcers, areas of bleeding or inflammation, and tumors. For further test, tissue samples are collected during colonoscopy.

The successfulness of the procedure depends on the colon cleanliness from solid digested foods that can obstruct the observation and foods or beverages contain dyes that can confuse with the color of blood which may exist in colon bleeding or inflammation. This is why the main idea of the diet rely on two pillars, replacing gradually solid and semisolid foods with liquid diet and restricting foods and beverages with red or purple color.

Colonoscopy prep diet tips

The colonoscopy prep diet may takes 1 to 2 days, depending on doctor recommendation and which type of procedures will be taken. Below are general tips for better colonoscopy procedure.

1. Avoid dietary fiber. In normal situation, foods that rich in dietary fibers such as vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, whole grain, and nuts are strongly recommended since it promote healthy digestive system. But in diet before colonoscopy, it’s totally restricted. The fiber on the colon can obstruct colonoscope to examine overall colon wall condition. Health practitioner will recommend bland foods for 2 or 3 days before the procedure and liquid foods in one day before the procedure.

Colonoscopy prep diet tips2. Avoid fats. Including in liquid diet, you will not recommend to consuming fat. Whole milk, yogurt, and fatty broth are including to these restricted foods.

3. Avoid beverages with red color. Red wine and red or purple colored juice has to be avoided from colonoscopy prep diet menu. These red fluids may ruin the observation since it can be mistaken for blood and could lead to wrong diagnosis. Experts also recommend adequate fluid intake especially plain water. Sufficient water intake is essential for best result.


The main focus of  colonoscopy prep diet is how to make patient’s colon become clear as can as possible to promote a successful procedure. Those with the procedure should avoid dietary fiber, fats, and red or purple beverages. The presence of dietary fiber foods may obstruct the colonoscope and the presence of red or purple colored drinks may confuse with blood on the colon wall.

People who planning to follow colonoscopy procedure should not overwhelm with colonoscopy prep diet rules. Since the diet is monitored by the doctor, they will decide which foods are good to consume and which aren’t. The patients should follow the diet strictly for best colonoscopy result

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