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Cancer prevention diet: How to cut off the cancer risks

Let me get straight first, this cancer prevention diet is not kinda magical wand that can erase all those cancer risks without you step aside from unhealthy living habits such as smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, and unhealthy diet menu. This cancer prevention diet is a part of simple ways on how reducing the risk of getting cancer by focusing on healthy foods combined with healthy lifestyle. The truth is we not know for sure what exactly the cancer causes? Our recent knowledge told us about risk factors. Things that make someone have greater chance to get the disease compared to the other.

As we know, cancer is a medical term refers to a disease in which abnormal cells on part of human body divided without control. Those abnormal cells can radiate to other parts of human body through the bloodstream and lymph systems. There are more than 100 types of cancer and it’s named depend on the first location where it appear. Lungs cancer, for example, the abnormal cells start to show its abnormality in cells at the lungs organ.

Talking about cancer prevention diet we couldn’t go far away from healthy and well balance diet plan. A researcher from the National Caner Institute, Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, PhD, MPH, RD, she said on that the easiest and least-expensive way to reduce the cancer risks is just by consuming healthy diet. Latter, in different source experts agree that plant-base diet is better than animal-base foods in preventing cancers.

Cancer prevention diet tips

1. Choose more plant-base foods rather than animal-base foods. This means eating mostly foods that come from plant kingdom such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains. These plant-base foods are better serving in fresh rather than processed one. Experts agree, the less they have been peeled, cooked and mixed with other ingredients the better it decreasing the cancer risks.

2. High dietary fiber intake. When you focus on the first tip, then this second tip will be no problem. Another benefit of consuming plant-base foods on cancer prevention diet is those foods are loaded with high dietary fiber content. Studies reveal that fiber is essential in keeping your digestive system healthy and clean. Those fiber foods are also great in lowering the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. Fiber is commonly found in grains, fruits and vegetables.

3. Reduce your meat intake. First of all, meat contains no fiber, which is good in reducing cancer risk. Second those meats generally come with fats. So what’s the link between fats and cancer risk? According to WebMD website, fats (especially the saturated one) have been linked with cancer development. Beside cancer risk, those fats also strongly related with heart attack and stroke risk.

Cancer prevention diet tips4. Choose healthy fats. Not all fats are bad for us, several of them, or group that including to monounsaturated fats or we call them as the healthy fats, are good to cut cancer risk and lowering the bad cholesterol. Those monounsaturated fats can be found on olive oil, avocado, and nuts.


The basic idea of cancer prevention diet is how we choose healthy and balance diet plan. Eat more plant-base foods, eat meats and dairy products in moderation, increase the dietary fiber intake, and choose the healthy fats are several ways to following the diet. Combine those healthy foods with healthy living habits such as exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and avoid excessive alcohol and your body will have great weaponry to counter attack the cancer risks.

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