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Can leukemia be cured?

Can leukemia be curedSince the researches and drugs developments in leukemia have been extensively perform, it relates to patient’s survival rate. At the beginning, when the disease was founded for the first time, many health practitioners classified this type of blood cancer as a chronic and non-curable condition. During the time, there is no specific cure for leukemia so those people who diagnosed with the cancer will end at the morgue.

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer which affect to the bone marrow and the blood. Different from other types of cancer, this cancer doesn’t develop tumor, but result in the excessive production of abnormal white blood cells. According to, there are about 232.000 people in the United States who live with leukemia.

The survival rate number starts to elevate when the scientists develop cures and treatments for the chronic health problem. According to Wikipedia, the survival rates of acute lymphoblastic leukemia have been grown to 85 percent for children and 50 for adults. The five-year survival rate for acute myelogenous leukemia is 40 percent.

Meanwhile, the five-year survival rates of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and chronic myelogenous leukemia are 75 percent and 90 percent. So by following proper treatments and medications, those people with leukemia can survive and life normally. For certain conditions, the more early it diagnosed, the greater the chance to be cured.

Leukemia treatments

The specific treatment for this of blood cancer will depend on it types and stage. The treatment may a combination between chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and drugs to manage the symptoms. For those patients with acute leukemia, doctor will recommend 4 weeks hospitalization to follow an aggressive chemotherapy. Platelets and red blood cell may be given as transfusion to normalize the level of blood cells and platelets.

Certain anticancer drugs may be also prescribed and taken orally, but most of the drugs are given through IV injection or injection to the vein. For some other patients the drugs may be given through a catheter.

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