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How cabbage soup diet could be dangerous?

Experts classify the cabbage soup diet as another super low-carb diet. Those who follow the diet plan commonly receive 800 to 1.050 calories per day. The cabbage diet plan focuses on as much cabbage plus others vegetables soup as you like everyday for a week. The dieters are free to eat the soup without any limitation. To enrich the menu, the diet allows fruits, meat, skimmed milk in certain amount.

The dieters who stick on the cabbage soup diet plan is not allowed to drink alcohol and they encourage drink much plain water at least 6-8 glasses per day. Unsweetened juice is allows as well. By regularly consuming 800 to 1.050 calories per day for a whole week, the diet offer you to lose 10lbs. Expert suggest to follow the diet only for a week. They who plan to continue the diet should skip it to make sure they get adequate nutrients.

The cabbage soup diet menu sample

Day 1: Unlimited cabbage soup plus low carbohydrates fruits. Bananas are totally restricted.

Day 2: Unlimited cabbage soup with all vegetables, cooked or raw including baked potato with a little butter.

Day 3: Unlimited cabbage soup plus vegetables and fruits excluding bananas and potatoes.

Day 4: Unlimited cabbage soup with up to eight bananas and unlimited skimmed milk.

Day 5: Unlimited the soup plus up to six tomatoes and up to 20 ounces of beef or pork.

Day 6: Unlimited cabbage soup with vegetables excluding potatoes and unlimited beef.

Day 7: Unlimited cabbage soup with vegetables, brown rice, and unsweetened fruit juice.

Why and when the cabbage soup diet could be harmful?

when the cabbage soup diet could be harmfulSince the diet allows a very little amount of calories intake, this cabbage soup diet plan is not always suitable for all of us. Health practitioners agree that every diet under 1.200 calories per day may unsafe except under an expert’s care. It almost impossible to fulfill adequate nutrient on this state, this is why the dieter allowed to follow the diet for a week only.

The second negative side of the cabbage soup diet is, experts have reveal that dieters may very well lose the promised 10lbs but unfortunately most of the weight loss come from fluid not fat, and this make the dieters’ body weight will return when they resumes eating normally.


The diet is another form of a very low carb diet. If you planning to cut some of your body mass in rapid time period, then this diet could be fit for you. We would strongly recommend you to meet a doctor before you following the diet. Ask them about the possibility of following the diet. If the doctor allows you, try to stick to the diet for a week.

Remember, this cabbage soup diet is not a proper long term weight management solution. For better and permanent body weight management you should incorporate a balance diet plan, regular exercise, and choosing healthy lifestyle. There are no such instant ways to gain an ideal body weight without sacrificing your health condition.

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