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Back of knee pain: The 3 common causes

Knee is a vital organ for human, almost of any movements that related to moving the body involves the knee. Daily activities such as running, jumping, walking, and climbing stairs are the examples of the knee related activities. Any injury on back ligament of the knee will result in back of knee pain. The severe of the pain will related to the cause of the problems. Below are common causes of the pain at the back of the knee.

Back of knee pain causes

1. Ligament injury. Compared to common people, athletes such as football, volleyball and basketball player are more prone to this condition since they use the ligaments on their knee harder. Pain in back of knee that caused by ligament injury commonly occurs when someone perform extreme and high-impact knee movement beyond normal level. Once you experience pain at the back of the knee it’s commonly caused by an injury on posterior cruciate ligament.

The treatment to this back of knee pain will varies depend on the severe of the injury. Some of ailments just need rest and sometime an ice bag on the knee for couple minutes a day. Some of chronic injury will need advance treatment such as arthroscopic surgery procedure.

Back of knee pain causes

2. Knee arthritis. Other cause of the pain is arthritis that affect to the knee and this arthritis is the most common cause of knee pain at the back area. There are two types of knee arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis start to develop when the joints have worn away due to tear or trauma, meanwhile rheumatoid arthritis is categorized as an autoimmune disease

3. Meniscus tear. Athlete and elder are more prone to this condition. Someone will experience this meniscus tear when the meniscus or the cartilage is torn by excessive force or impact on the knee. Common treatment to fix this type of injury is arthroscopy knee surgery. Using this technique the torn meniscus trimmed or even removed. Arthroscopy knee surgery considered as the best way to overcome back of knee pain.

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