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How to avoid running knee pain

The cause of running knee pain may vary from person to person but in general the pain on the knee commonly starts to develop as the result of injuries on the knee itself. The injury may affect the joints that caused by repetitive impact and motion during running cycle. The risk of injury become greater in people with training error such as running without warming up  or a sudden increase running in hill work. The pain that caused by running injuries may develop in a period of time.

By following the correct training program and using fits running shoes, the risk of running knee pain development can be minimize. Someone who experiences the pain should treat the injury to get normal daily life. The treatment itself will depend on the severe of the condition. Some of moderate condition will only need rest and a pack of ice to cooling down the pain. Meanwhile severe injuries will need more advance treatment.

Tips to avoid running knee pain

Tips to avoid running knee pain

There are some of tips on how to avoid the injuries. People who choose running as daily exercise should avoid the common pitfalls including: heavy training without warming up procedure or training to soon and to hard for beginners. When you are running, 550% of body weight pass through knee and this make your knee working very hard.

Take a regular exercise before doing full speed sprint or running at hill. Expert suggests that someone who exercises on running should escalate the hardness of the training for maximum 10% a week. As long as the training period, avoid to running on cambered roads.

Follow the professional instructor to avoid running knee pain during training program. The expert will show you how to perform correct movement. In several cases, the pain after running will not appear after the next day. If you experience this type of knee pain, meet the expert especially if the pain persist and chronic enough to restrict your movement in daily activities.

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