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Arthroscopic knee surgery for meniscus repair

Arthroscopic knee surgery for meniscus repair is one of outpatient surgical procedure to handle torn knee cartilage. This technique offer several benefits such as involves only small incision which is lead to small blood lost risk and faster knee surgery recovery compared to other techniques. According to the American Orthopedic Society for Sport, there are more than 4 million procedures yearly all over the world, including for meniscus repair.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions in patient knee as portals which the surgery instruments reach the problem on the knee. Including to this instrument is an arthroscope, a small camera that inserted to the knee to monitor the inside of the knee and guide the surgeon through monitor screen along the surgery process. Other instrument is used to trim or fix the meniscus tear.

This arthroscopic knee surgery for meniscus repair is recommended for someone with meniscus problem that causing chronic pain. This procedure considered as highly effective treatment. Once it performs by an experienced and expert surgeon, create approximately 90% success rate. This procedure considered is not quietly help for knee pain sufferers caused by arthritis.

Arthroscopic knee surgery for meniscus repair risks

This procedure can take by any patients with several consideration such as, the meniscus tissue on the patient knee is still remain good, the meniscus tear is located in the periphery of the meniscus, the patient overall health condition is good, also the patients should fully understand about the rehabilitation after the procedure including accept the risks of the procedure.

Arthroscopic knee surgery for meniscus repair risks

Like other surgery procedures, this technique also has risks. The most common complications after this knee surgery are including, blood clots, injury in blood vessels or nerves, infection, and knee stiffness. Those risks are rare once the surgery is done by experienced surgical team. According to UW Medicine website, the arthroscopic knee surgery for meniscus repair risk is a safe procedure with average complication about 1.3%.

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