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Anti fungal diet: Fact or fad?

Some of health practitioners doubt about anti fungal diet validity because it lacks of scientific evidence. Besides, there are no clinical trials yet about the effect of diet for antifungal in treating Candida overgrowth. Those believers suggest to follow a diet dedicates to control the fungus-like organism by avoiding sugar, white flour, honey, fruits juice, cheese, vinegar, tempeh, and other foods contain yeast. They believe that Candida utilizes sugar as its fuel to grows, by limiting sugary foods intake, the over growth Candida can be suppressed. They are also suggesting to avoid fermented foods including its derivates because the yeast on the food, somehow can interact with Candida and promote the fungus-like organism to sky rocket growth.

What anti fungal diet suggested?

In order to suppress Candida excessive growth, an anti fungal diet plan restrict foods with high sugar content including fructose, lactose, maltose, glucose, mannitol and sorbitol. High loaded sugary foods such as corn syrup, honey, molasses, candies, cookies and other sweets are also should be avoided. Dried fruits such as dried dates, and raisin should be avoided as well.

Processed foods especially fruits should be consumed under strict moderation, usually those canned foods are loaded with sugar and preservatives. Always read the nutritional label fact before put it into your shopping chart. Besides sugary foods, people who follow an anti fungal diet plan should avoid foods contain yeast and mold including alcoholic drink, processed meat, fermented foods, and mushroom. Certain foods are allowed in the diet but should be consumed in moderation, including to these foods are several vegetables with simple carbohydrates such as corn and sweet potato.

Animal-base foods are considered save to consume including eggs, lean meat, and fish. Foods with complex carbohydrates such as whole grain and it products derivates are okay to consume. Nuts are also welcome to the dieters.

What anti fungal diet suggested

Anti fungal diet facts

As stated above, there is no strong scientific evidence or clinical trials that prove the legitimate of the diet in controlling Candida excessive growth directly. Not surprisingly, those who follow the diet receive benefits, since reducing sugary foods is strongly related with correcting body weight and healthier life.

If you decide to follow an anti fungal diet plan, talk to a dietitian first to discuss about your daily calories requirement. Follow a balance diet plan base on a healthy food pyramid rule. If you stick with healthy, balance diet and habits plan, it can boost your immune systems. At the end your own body can cope the over growth of Candida by itself. You should visit a doctor if you think that you experience a severe Candidasis to get a proper diagnose and proper treatment.

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