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Acne treatment during pregnancy: Things pregnant women should know

Acne treatment during pregnancy must be done carefully since the first trimester is the critical time for the fetus development, especially in medical or oral drugs related acne treatment. Always talk to the dermatologist to get a prescribed acne drugs if you thing you need it. First of all, an expecting mother should know that acne during pregnancy is common.

The main culprit of the condition is hormonal change in pregnant women’s bodies. At that time a hormone called androgen is produced more and makes sebaceous glands secrete sebum, this sebum is an oily substance that could clog the skin pores. This condition is a perfect condition for P. acne bacteria breeding ground that can trigger acne development.

Before an expecting mother with pregnancy acne decide to go with medical treatment, it would be better if she focus on home made acne treatment and several simple ways to stay away from severe acne condition. Below are some simple tips to deal with hormonal acne treatment.

Acne treatment during pregnancy

Home made acne treatment during pregnancy

Wash the face using lukewarm water at leas two times a day, use gentle towel to dry the face. Avoid oily cosmetics and make sure to fulfill the daily water body need, drink at least 8-10 glasses water a day. Healthy diet is important to alleviate the pregnancy acne. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and stay away from fatty foods and spices. Obviously healthy foods are good for the pregnancy itself.

If you experience a severe acne condition during your pregnancy, it would be better to talk to the doctor soon about your acne treatment during pregnancy. The doctor will diagnose the condition and gives you prescribed drugs to heal your acne. Do not use drug or medication without doctor permission. Several acne drugs are restricted for good reason such as tetracycline which appears to cause bone growth inhibition and accutane that may cause fetal defects.

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