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7 Sudden food allergy symptoms you should know

Food allergy reaction comes when the human body’s immune system mistakenly overreact to one or more proteins in a food. This condition leads to the appearance of food allergy symptoms which is has different effect in different people. It may cause itching on several part of the body but it can also lead to serious or life-threatening symptoms.

The allergy reaction may appear within few minutes to an hour of eating. The food allergy symptoms may be varies and it depends on the type of allergen and where the allergen prompts the reaction. Generally, the initial reaction of the condition may be experienced as an itching in moth cavity also in several people it may cause swollen throat that leads to breath and swallow difficulties.

Once the allergen is entered the blood system, it will be circulated though the whole of body and it may cause various symptoms depend on allergen reaction types. Below are sudden food allergy symptoms that you should care with. Contact your doctor as soon as possible once you get one or more of this sudden signs.

7 Sudden food allergy symptoms

The most common sudden-onset food allergy symptoms base on affected organ:

  1. Skin – people who experience any food allergy, mostly starts with skin itching. The symptoms also accompanied with skin redness, hives, just like mosquito bites and swelling.
  2. Eyes – common food allergy signs on eyes are including redness with tearing, itching on eyes and skins around the eyes. Sometime the extreme swelling can cause the eyes can’t be open.
  3. Nose and mouth – the signs related to nose and mouth organs are runny nose, swelling of the tongue, a metallic taste, Sneezing, and itching on mouth cavity.
  4. Throat and lungs – people who experience food allergy usually it can feel chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, repeated coughing, throat swelling, increased mucus production, including throat itching and a sensation of choking.
  5. Hearth – irregular hearth rate, it can become slower or faster, irregular hearth rate, fainting, dizziness and weakness.
  6. Digestive system – it can cause vomiting, abdominal cramps, unknown diarrhea, and nausea.
  7. Nervous systems – the condition may cause a sense of impending doom, anxiety and confusion. In advance level it also can cause temporary paralysis or unconsciousness.

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