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7 Steps to improve your gestational diabetes diet

Gestational diabetes diet may be an alternative for those pregnant women who have gestational diabetes. According to the, 80 to 90 percent pregnant with the condition are able to control the problems trough diet management plus regular exercise. The basic idea of the diet is focusing on sugar intake management. Extreme blood sugar spike up and fall down should be avoided by following a personalized gestational diabetes plan.

Gestational diabetes affects on how our cells utilize sugar as body’s main fuel and it may cause serious health problems to you and your unborn baby. According to the, any pregnant women could develop this condition, but several other have great risks. Including to the risk factors are personal or family health history, obesity, age greater than 25, and nonwhite race. Untreated condition may lead to serious health problems, both to mother and baby.

A gestational diabetes diet recommends to limiting foods with simple carbohydrates such as honey, table sugar, bit, and dried raisin. At the same time it encourage to consuming foods with complex carbohydrates such as white rice, wholegrain bread, potatoes, and pasta. Experts also suggest to eat foods with dietary fiber, including fruits and vegetables, and foods with low in fat especially foods with saturated and trans-fat.

Tips to improve a gestational diabetes diet plan

1. Make sure to consume variety foods to fulfill your calories and nutrients requirement. Eat small but frequent rather than big meal in a time and add 2 to 4 snack between your meals to keep your sugar on steady track.

2. Eat a quality breakfast helps you to regulate your blood sugar throughout the morning. Choose foods with low Glycemic Index (GI) such as porridge, whole grain cereals, or bread. Those foods with low-GI are good choice because it release energy gradually and not causing glucose spike up.

3. Increase foods with dietary fiber. Including to this foods are dried peas, beans and pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables, and wholegrain products. Those fibers great for digestive system and several studies reveal those foods help in lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Tips to improve a gestational diabetes diet plan4. The gestational diabetes diet also encourage dieters to consume balance nutrients. Eat carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in a balance amount. Ask your dietitian about your best-fit plan menu. Don’t forget about vitamins, minerals, including antioxidants foods.

5. Avoid consuming saturated and trans-fat and choose healthy monounsaturated fats. Choose fish, avocados, and olive oils rather than red meat, margarine, butter, and processed meat such as beacon, hotdog or ham.

6. The gestational diabetes diet also recommends to limit sugary foods and beverages. Those foods usually loaded with sugar. Drink adequate fluids especially plain water. Experts suggest 6 to 8 glass a day.

7. Stick to the plan and don’t skip your meals. Focus on the gestational diabetes diet and try to eat meals in regular time basis in regular amount. These simple tips keep your blood sugar stay stable.


Gestational diabetes diet plan helps to stabilize blood sugar level in pregnant women with gestational diabetes. Most of women can handle this condition without any problem. For those have personal or family health history, better to meet a doctor to get professional advice about their condition. A certified dietitian can help them to create a best-fit diet plan base on their nutrients and calories requirement.

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