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7 Major signs of leukemia in children

Most common symptoms and signs of leukemia in childrenAccording to the American Cancer Society website, the signs of leukemia in children often is hard to identify at the first time since it mostly appear as general health problems. It’s important to take your children to a doctor as soon as possible when he/she experiences one or more symptoms below. The symptoms may be related to leukemia but it may be also linked to other health condition. The sooner you take your children to a doctor, the better the treatment will be.

Most common symptoms and signs of leukemia in children

1. Infection and fever. Children with leukemia often have immunity problem. Often leukemia make their white blood cells work improperly and since those white blood cell play an important role in protecting body from any infection. A trouble of blood cells can lead to low body defense system against germs infestation.

2. Pale skin and tiredness. A child with leukemia may experience short of breath, pale, very tired, or dizzy. Those conditions may be caused by lower red blood cells or anemia.

3. Joint or bone pain. When the leukemia cells start to develop inside the joint or near the bone, a sharp pain sensation may start to rise. When your children feel constant pain at their joint or bone area, meet a health practitioner to get proper diagnosis.

4. Easy to bruising or bleeding. This condition may appear as nosebleed or small red spot on the skin. Children with leukemia are usually experience severe bleeding from small cuts compared to normal children. This bleeding may be caused by a lack of platelets, a type of blood cells that responsible to blood clotting.

5. Unknown weight loss and loss of appetite. Just like other cancers symptom, unknown weight loss may become one of signs of leukemia in children. This condition may be also triggered by spleen or liver enlargement. The swollen of spleen press against stomach and causing loss of appetite.

6. Swollen lymph nodes. In advance stage, leukemia cell can spread to other part of the body such as lymph nodes and causing them to swell. Health practitioner can easily notice those swell especially when it happen on the side of the neck, underarm, or in the groin. An advance test using CT or MRI scan is needed to detect swollen lymph nodes inside the abdomen or chest.

7. Other symptoms and signs of leukemia in children may also including swelling of the arms and face, coughing or trouble breathing, swelling of the belly area, vomiting, seizures, headache, and gum problems.

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