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5 Natural tips to ease a dry cough

Natural tips to ease a dry coughA dry cough could affects to anybody with any ages. This aggravate cough may come for many reasons such as a reaction to an allergen, toxin, pollutant, cold or influenza, sinusitis, asthma, post nasal drip or other health problems. Some of people start coughing when they exposed to cigarette smoke or dry air. So yes, this dry cough may cause by many factors. If you have a persistence dry cough for couple days to couple weeks, meet your doctor soon to get a proper diagnose and treatment.

There are two types of cough, a dry or nonproductive cough and a chesty or productive cough. Those who get chesty cough producing excessive phlegm or mucus in their respiratory tract. Depend on it causes, a dry cough may stand for no longer than 2 to 3 weeks. If this health problem interfere your daily life badly, then you’ll need medical assistance. For moderate condition such as cough that caused by allergens or common cold, you may try homemade remedies to alleviate your dry cough.

Natural remedies for relieving a dry cough

1. As stated above, dry air combine with pollutant such as cigarette smoke could trigger the cough. Drink much plain water is one simple way to reduce and tame the aggravate cough. Take at least eight glasses warm water a day. You may also add some salt and gargle into the water.

2. Ginger is one of famous herbs that can help you to tame your dry cough. There are several recipe to utilize ginger to alleviate your condition, you may chewing directly a piece of fresh ginger with some sprinkled salt on it, or you may add some of fresh made ginger juice into your tea or just plain water plus a spoonful of honey. The warm sensation from ginger extract soothes your throat and reduces the tickling sensation.

3. Chewing 3-4 pieces of black paper and combine it with caraway seeds to gain warm sensation to soothe your throat. Grab the black pepper when you feel tickling in your throat.

4. Ancient knowledge and common scientific research tell us that turmeric is also good to relieve dry cold. Just take about one gram of turmeric powder and combine it with a spoonful honey. Take the mixture three times a day to eliminate the cough.

5. This is my secret recipe, stems a fresh lemon for about 10 minutes extract the juice. Take a spoonful lemon juice, add a teaspoonful honey and mix it well. Take the mixture three times a day to relieve your dry cough

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