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5 Bulletproof tips to get better slow carb diet

Don’t be confused between slow carb diet plan and low carb diet plan. Both of those diet plans are different. The low carb diet plan focuses on reducing carbohydrates intake and replacing the place on the plate with high protein foods such as meats. On the other hand, the slow carb diet, focus on consuming complex carbohydrates and avoid or reduce simple carbohydrates intake.

Complex carbohydrates help stabilized our blood sugar level and help your stomach full right after your meal. Foods with complex carbohydrates usually are also rich in dietary fiber, which is good in lowering heart-related disease and stroke risk. Foods that rich with those types of carbohydrates are oatmeal, whole barley, brown rice, museli, apples, pears, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, cabbage, and celery.

Simple carbohydrates can be converted into calories or energy much faster than the complex one. Using this simple carbo should be wise since it commonly doesn’t loaded with other nutrient including fiber, and it may spike up your blood sugar level. Extreme up and down of blood sugar level considered as unhealthy condition. Including to these foods with simple carb are table sugar, honey, corn syrup, white rice and bread made with white flour.

Tips for better slow carb diet

1. Make a food list know which foods should moderate or even avoid and which foods should you pick and focus on your calories intake plan.

2. Eat small but frequent. Try to eat five to six small meals rather than two or three big meal. Frequent but small meals keep your blood sugar stay in normal level throughout the day.

Tips for better slow carb diet3. When you follow a slow carb diet, focus on lean protein and vegetables. Those who follow the diet are allowed to consume fish, lean pork, and lean beef. Decrease the amount of white rice and refined flour products and increase the amount of vegetables, whole grains products in your meal plate.

4. Eat fruits wisely since most of them are rich with simple carbohydrates. The dieters are still recommended to eat those variety of fruits since it contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

5. When you are on a slow carb diet plan, consider to consume multivitamins and omega-3 fatty acids Supplement. Ask your dietitian about the dosage. Drink enough water also important, experts recommend to drink six to eight glass per day to get its benefit.


Following a slow carb diet plan, it means choose more foods with complex carbohydrates instead of foods with simple carbohydrates. If you planning to adopt the diet, we would recommend you to meet your doctor or dietitian, they will help you to formulate the right meal plan for you base on your calories and nutrient daily intake.

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